We are committed to reducing our carbon and ecological footprint by participating in the Green Table and Ocean Wise initiatives below.


Once your party has ended, we recycle everything possible, from containers to paper products. We also donate food leftovers to local shelters, to help the community and reduce waste.

We are a certified Ocean Wise partner.

As a certified Ocean Wise partner, we choose our seafood options based on the Vancouver Aquarium’s sustainability recommendations. The choices are based on current research about limiting damage to our ocean habitats. Seafood with this symbol has been caught in a way that limits accidental catch of other species, specifically endangered ocean life.

To select the most sustainable options, look for the Ocean Wise symbol.

We are also a part of the Wild Salmon Supporters Network, and collaborate with other local supporters to promote this important cause.

Sustainability is one of the main pillars in our philosophy; we make sure that everything we do is mindful of the environment. This means that everything in the front and back of house has a plan of action to reduce our carbon footprint, and ensures the items we serve our guests are local and the best quality. Being a part of the Ocean Wise program helps us regulate the seafood items we use, and The Green Table Network assists in reducing our energy and product consumption.


When ordering for your next event or corporate lunch, choose our re-usable, washable ceramic platters instead of disposable containers. We also offer re-usable bento boxes, for a more modern presentation. Our linen napkins are always available as an alternative to paper disposable napkins. 

We are an approved Green Table Member

As a GTN Approved Member we are:

  • Eliminating polystyrene (styrofoam) and non-recyclable plastics – trays, containers and cutlery will be recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Implementing full container and paper recycling programs – we’re also making improvements to our take-back programs.
  • Posting ‘turn it off’ light and faucet reminders to help promote good conservation habits.
  • Retrofitting current incandescent lighting to energy efficient technologies; this will reduce our carbon footprint by one-half tonne.
  • Purchasing 30-100% PCF recycled paper products, from menus to napkins.
  • Adopting a basic Sustainable Purchasing Policy – our ‘Green Team’ is setting clear sustainability goals across our entire supply chain.
  • We have also installed low-flow fixtures on all our dish/cleaning sinks, saving thousands of litres of water and the energy to heat it.

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