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The Lazy Gourmet is defined by exquisite food, the freshest possible ingredients, personal attention to our clients’ vision and our attention to every detail to each individual event.

It all starts with the people who work for us!

Please see below for a list of ongoing career opportunities and send your resume and cover letter to

The University Catering Teams

The Lazy Gourmet holds the exclusive in-house catering contract for two major downtown university campuses. Our on-site catering staff are tight-knit, determined group of people who always work to exceed the universities’ and their clients expectations and guests’ experience.

Candidates should have a minimum of three years related hospitality or banquet experience, and be willing to go the extra mile for our clients at the university.

Most services are buffet or coffee station set-ups, with the occasional ‘quick filp’ or evening cocktail party. There are events featuring bar service, as well.

These candidates must have Serving it Right certification and 3 – 5 years of hospitality experience. Early morning availability is optimal, and you must have a flexible schedule to book on-call for morning or evenings.

Catering Supervisors

This position requires a person with a specific character. You need to be able to problem solve while remaining calm and making quick decisions.

We are looking for leaders!

You must be able to lead and delegate to a group of staff with exceptionally diverse talents, and inspire them to perform at their highest level of service.

You are the face of the company and interact directly with our clients. You have the vision to be able to think outside the box when things do not go exactly as planned. You are a “Big Picture’ thinker.

Our Supervisors work hard to ensure that every detail of each event is attended to on time, with perfection.

You must have a valid B.C. driver’s licence, be physically fit and able to load vans and lift a minimum of fifiy pounds.

You must have an even temperament and possess strong people skills. Our Supervisors pamper the clients, while ensuring that all goes according to the event itinerary. Each event must exceed the clients’ expectations.

At the same time, our Supervisors mentor the catering staff. Our Supervisors work with each team member; understanding each individual’s strengths, as well as providing relevant coaching.

Catering Servers and Bartenders

These positions are the back-bone of every event.

Our catering servers and bartenders are people who enjoy working with our clients and sincerely want them to have the best possible experience at their event.

We are always looking for candidates who take pride in their work and possess the basic common sense values and work ethic that we all look for in an ever-changing work force.

You must be able to roll with the punches in the exciting, sometimes challenging scenarios of how events really work. There is always a challenge, and we are always up to it. Our goal is to give the best possible guest experience and exceed all expectations.

Our servers and bartenders are a kind, yet tough group. It is not uncommon to work late into the night, or be rising early for a breakfast shift.

You must have a minimum of three years related hospitality or banquet experience. All candidates must possess Serving it Right certification.

Chefs and Kitchen Support Staff

We really cannot say enough about how hard our kitchen staff work and how they always exceed our expectations. The Chefs and support staff at The Lazy Gourmet kitchen on West 5th Ave work around the clock.

We are a 24/7 operation. Our bakers work from the very early morning hours to provide the best possible breakfast pastries and breads. Our Chefs often start in the early hours of morning and work late past the dinner hour to ensure that each menu item is created with the freshest ingredients to exquisite perfection.

Our Chefs, Bakers, Pastry Chefs, Prep Cooks and dishwashers all take great pride in their work and, leave no detail unattended.

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