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Grilled Lemonade

Grilled Lemonade

BBQ Season is upon us again where on any given evening around dinner time, you can smell the amazing aroma of grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, and…drinks? Yes, that’s right! Why stop at food when it comes to grilling?
When it comes to lemons, many of us know that heating them up slightly makes them much easier to juice, and you also get a higher yield. That’s why this recipe is so amazing! If you love lemonade, but are looking for a new, yet familiar taste, follow this recipe and wow your guests at your next BBQ!

Grilled Lemonade Recipe
Yield: 6 cups
16       halves             BBQ Grilled Lemons
½        cup                 Simple Syrup, or until desired sweetness
Club Soda or San Pellegrino

  1. Cut lemons in half. On a hot BBQ grill, place lemons cut-side-down and grill for 5-7 minutes or until soft. Grill marks are dark and visible.
  2. Let lemons cool and squeeze into juice pitcher. Add simple syrup, club soda (or liquid of choice) and ice. Add more simple syrup if you want it sweeter and garnish with sliced lemon wheels or the squeezed grilled lemon halves.

Try using other garnishes such as lavender, strawberries, raspberries, mint, rosemary or edible flowers! What’s your favourite garnish to use?

Grilled Lemonade

Grilled Lemonade

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