🕘 Jun 24th, 2014

Vancouver has been ranked among the top five most sustainable cities in North America, and is on it’s way to achieving its goal to become the Greenest City in the World by 2020. So naturally, as a company, the Lazy Gourmet jumped on board the Sustainability Train and focused on ways to become more environmentally friendly by enhancing our current practices.

Rewind to 2007, the Green Table Network is established. The Lazy Gourmet immediately wants to become a part of this prestigious network and facilitates new operations to do so. In 2008, all criteria were met and we are able to proudly wear our Green Table ‘badge’.
What does it take to become a member of the Green Table Network? There are several components that are required at a minimal level to become a part of this group that the Lazy Gourmet has met and exceeded. Sustainability is one of the main pillars in our philosophy and includes making sure that everything we do has the environment in mind. This means that everything in the front and back of house has a plan of action to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure that the items we serve our guests are local and to the best quality available. Being a part of the Green Table Network assists us in reducing the energy we consume and products we use that have a negative impact on the world around us.
Interested in learning more about the Green Table Network? Read up on them here.

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