🕘 Jul 21st, 2016

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new sister company, Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet. For your Kosher orders, please visit our website at mendelsonskosher.ca.

The Lazy Gourmet’s Susan Mendelson moves into Vancouver Talmud Torah to launch Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet
One of Vancouver’s pioneering entrepreneurs in the catering industry, The Lazy Gourmet’s Susan Mendelson is about to launch an exciting new venture, Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet (MKG), offering full-service kosher catering services to the Lower Mainland. Opening and exclusively operating two new kitchens at the Vancouver Talmud Torah (VTT) School, MKG will also provide hot lunches for students every day, and special meals and take out for many Jewish holidays for parents and families of VTT students.

“I am truly honoured to be given the chance to produce nutritious and delicious meals for the children at Vancouver Talmud Torah,” explains Mendelson, who, at age 27, opened the thriving The Lazy Gourmet more than 37 years ago. “Students deserve to have hot meals daily and at Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet, every dish will be made fresh each day. In addition, I am excited by the opportunity to offer kosher catering to the whole community and can’t wait to see what the future brings.”
Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet will operate out of the Vancouver Talmud Torah in the two new kitchens. School meal service commences in September. However, the company is already taking orders and reservations for catering services starting in the fall.
“Susan is such an inspiring and influential figure in the Jewish community and we couldn’t be more delighted that she has decided to spearhead a new company that really embraces our mission to our students,” says Cathy Lowenstein, Head of School at Vancouver Talmud Torah. “Her commitment to the community is extremely valued. It is definitely an immense pleasure to work with her and her team.”
Menus and more information to be released later this summer. For more information about Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet, please visit  www.mendelsonskosher.ca. For more information about Talmud Torah, please visit www.talmudtorah.com.

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