🕘 Feb 28th, 2022

Now that the BC Government has eased COVID-19 restrictions, we’re excited to once again say be able to say ‘We do’ those of you looking to say ‘I do’!


In this post, we get up close and personal with The Lazy Gourmet Senior Catering and Event Manager Jennifer Fryer — a 10-year veteran of our team — about what the new landscape looks like for those planning the perfect way to pledge their love with friends and family cheering them on.

Are you excited to see the COVID-19 restrictions lifted?

Excited is an understatement! That being said, we obviously want to continue planning with an emphasis on having fun but safe events. Our team is ready to execute amazing events again and excited to get back to doing what we love.

How does your team at The Lazy Gourmet help provide the ultimate in event experiences for your clients and their guests?

Because we produce events that range from small and intimate affairs to ones that are executed on a very large scale, there can be a lot of moving parts to make every event run smoothly, but our team works closely with each client and gets inspired and indulges our creative sides to execute truly spectacular events and client experiences.


Our culinary team works seamlessly with our events team to create custom menus that expand our creative vision and make it come to life with our food. Then our operations and logistics team apply the final touches to put all the pieces together. Combined with our fleet of delivery drivers, catering staff and amazing vendors, we’ve got a team that does it all and creates unforgettable experiences.

What have the last two years been like for you when it comes to organizing weddings? What have been some of the bright spots?

The biggest takeaway from these last two years was being able to slow down and really build deeper relationships with my couples. We have had to stick together and plan, cancel, re-plan, revise, and plan again. I’ve learned so much more about the wedding and event industry as a whole and have had the opportunity to be even more creative and innovative!

Have you seen an uptick in interest now that the restrictions have been lifted?

Definitely. We knew the weddings would pick up and we are still working with couples from 2020 and 2021 plus all the newly engaged couples that are ready to start planning. I have especially noticed the popularity of people looking to put together milestone events and celebrations from big birthdays and postponed graduation parties to engagement parties and weddings.

The Lazy Gourmet offers a full suite of event and wedding planning services from design, floral and gourmet food to venue selection and more. What else makes The Lazy Gourmet such a great team for your clients to work with?

The fact that we have over 40 years of experience really helps our clients trust us with their important events — and the fact that we fully customize any type of celebration our clients envision. Every event is unique, so offering flexibility in our menus and planning is vital to us and the clients we are proud to work with!

If you’re ready to get started on your unique event, we encourage you to reach out to Jennifer or one of our personal event planners here! You can also check out our list of preferred venues for more great options for your next event.

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