Private Dinner with Burdock and Co for Ballet BC
Ballet BC
Plated Dinner
Catering and Event Support

The Lazy Gourmet was thrilled to partner with Andrea Carlson, the acclaimed chef and restaurateur behind the Michelin-starred Burdock & Co., for an exclusive private dinner and performance experience. Held for 60 select guests, this event took place in an elegant, intimate venue, providing the perfect backdrop for the evening.

The night showcased a meticulously crafted menu by Andrea Carlson, executed with precision by Executive Chef Jenny Hui and her team. The dishes reflected Carlson’s passion for local, sustainable ingredients and bold, innovative flavors. Each course was thoughtfully paired with exceptional wines, enhancing the overall culinary experience. Guests enjoyed a series of exquisite plated dishes, each one a testament to Carlson’s culinary expertise and her unwavering commitment to quality.

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