🕘 Apr 28th, 2018

Wedding season is upon us! Did you know that beyond simply catering, we provide full-service wedding planning? Our in-house Wedding Specialist Jennifer Fryer sat down with photographer Wilson Lau recently for a podcast about wedding planning and how we help couples create the perfect day. Some topics covered include:

How far in advance do you recommend couples book a caterer?

Tell me about your choices of ingredients. Where does the food come from?

What do you do towards sustainability?

What are little things that brides tend to forget about in terms of catering or food?

Are you able to work with various budgets to develop a menu? Fully custom

Where will the food be prepared? Is an on site kitchen necessary?

Can the couple provide the alcohol and you provide the bar tenders?

Do you take care of rentals, or does the couple need to rent the plates, tables, chairs etc?

Do you provide catering staff?

What happens with the leftovers?


Learn more about our wedding planning services here!

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