🕘 Jun 12th, 2019
We love being involved in the annual Night of Wonders fundraising Gala with the Children’s Wish Foundation because the money raised goes directly to granting wishes for children in need. We recently received the following story about a wish fulfilled this year:

“You granted Anna Joy’s wish to go to Cirque in Montreal and she just got back from her trip.

The family is so grateful and it sounds like they had an amazing time.

Anna Joy went to the Cirque Campus, where she was trained in contortion, technique and Cirque’s amazing makeup. She got to watch Algeria in the VIP section and then again the night backstage to get a different perspective of the show. Then she got to come on stage and take a bow with the crew who took such good care of her backstage.

The family stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth and were treated like royalty with surprises throughout their staff from the Fairmont staff.

I have attached some photos, please feel free to share with your wonderful team. Thank you for granting this special wish!

A note from the family: “To sum up, our visit to Cirque was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have never before had the pleasure of being given such an opportunity, all expenses paid, and probably never will again. We realize that although this trip cost us nothing, it cost others much in time, effort and finance. We owe a debt of gratitude to you and your colleagues at Children’s Wish, to Kevin Mazzone and the Lazy Gourmet.”

We are so grateful for the privilege to be involved in giving children these extraordinary experiences and working with the wonderful team at Children’s Wish. To get involved, visit their website here.

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