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We are now 6 months into our “new normal” and it looks like things will stay this way for the remainder of the year. For many of us, this will mean having to adjust holiday plans. In this post, we’ve curated some strategies and ideas on how to celebrate the holidays safely, without losing any of the fun.

First and foremost this is a great opportunity to connect and engage with people in smaller circles. The Province of BC has introduced Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Good Times Guide with guidelines for gathering safely and mitigating risk. While you may have to cut down your guest list, this allows for the opportunity to invite only those closest to you, for deeper conversations and more intimate connections. Secondly, having fewer guests allows you to have a bigger budget to spend on fun enhancements beyond the necessities. Did you know The Lazy Gourmet is a one stop shop for all your event and party needs?  Entertainment , décor, cocktail kits, custom cocktail bartending services, take away gifts and anything your mind can imagine. Take a look at some of our new event planning services here.

Parties Amidst a Pandemic 101

1. Host the amount of people you are comfortable with.

Follow the guidelines recommended by your province and stay within the limits, or invite as few as 4 guests if you wish. While eliminating loved ones will be a challenging task, remember that these are unprecedented times and your guests will understand.

2. Communication is key.

Make sure your guests know what safety protocols are being taken and that you’ve hired (us) the professionals to ensure all policies are being followed and you and your guests can relax and enjoy the event. If masks are a requirement, let guests know ahead of time.

3. Create unique experiences that don’t appear to be for safety only.

Create your own Gin and Tonic Flights, or DIY Old Fashioned kits. Consider offering Chef Stations in place of self-service buffets. Incorporate unique touches like hot (sanitized) towel service like in first class, take away cocktails or a recipe book with items served at the event.

4. Serve your food safely.

In a small space that doesn’t allow for a Chef Station, opt for plated service. Serve hors d’oeuvres pre-plated with a mix of everything. Guests can mingle with a plate of appetizers and get as close to—or stay as distanced from—other guests as they feel comfortable.

5. Consider your setup.

For a family or friend group within your bubble, this is an opportunity to create gorgeous long table family-style setup under the stars or indoors. For a larger group outside your bubble, we recommend intimate smaller tables for two for seating. Be thoughtful about décor: use more greenery, florals and candles to have your setup appear intentional and not awkward. Think above and beyond, scaling up your linens, chargers, cutlery, photo walls, a photographer, and everything else you can imagine!

6. Include a grownup goody bag.

Serve canapés in custom monogrammed boxes for your guests that also can act as a takeaway gift. You could also prepare personalized small bottles of hand sanitizer as a thematic but practical party favour.

7. Maintain traditions.

If it’s customary to say what you’re thankful for, play certain music or serve a special dessert every year, you can still incorporate all of these touches to make your gathering feel as close to traditional as possible. 8.

8. Go virtual.

If you can’t gather with all your family and friends, coordinate a hybrid event where your individual gatherings take place at the same time and you connect virtually. Consider renting a large screen and projector or connect your computer to your tv to broadcast your Zoom parties. To really feel connected, you can coordinate your decor or even all order from the same menu so it feels like you are dining together. Check out our holiday menu with something for everyone!

We hope you found this guide helpful and you are excited about planning for the holidays. Even though its a serious time, parties and events can still be fun. We will work with you to create a custom experience for you and your guests. 

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