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The Lazy Gourmet proudly serves local organic coffee provided by Milano Boutique Coffee Roasters. Milano is a Vancouver based artisan roaster who’s legacy and tradition dates back three generations of Italian Coffee Heritage blended with over thirty years of West Coast Culture. They are dedicated to sourcing noteworthy, high-end micro-lot single origins from around the globe, going direct trade and/or certified fairtrade whenever possible. The small batch hand roasting and blending of each of their coffees is done by owners Brian Turko and Barry Henry in the same Mount Pleasant roastery where Milano’s founding father, Francesco Curatolo began roasting in 1984.

The Blends

We currently serve Adagio, a medium roast blend made up of 8 different single origins from around the world with notes of almond, blueberry and toasted marshmallow. For those looking for a decaf option we also serve Milano’s Swiss Water Decaf, a blend of 5 different carefully selected beans decaffeinated in the Swiss Water process. An uncompromising, rich and full bodied coffee with notes of caramel, clove and dark chocolate.

Certified Fairtrade

All Milano coffee is Certified Fairtrade which means that products meet the social, economic and environmental standards set by Fairtrade International. The Fairtrade Mark represents an international system of alternative trade that assures consumers that the farmers and workers have been paid a fair and stable price for their produce. This fair price covers the cost of sustainable production. When consumers buy Fairtrade products, they make a positive difference to the livelihoods of small-scale producers and farmers around the world. Milano’s commitment to ethical production practises aligns with the Lazy Gourmet’s mission to conduct business sustainability and uphold high moral standards.

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