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The increasing global focus on sustainability is not a novel concept at The Lazy Gourmet — it’s something we have proudly embraced since we founded our company 45 years ago.

We’re excited to see that our new parent company Compass Group Canada shares that same commitment.

Compass Group’s recently released 2023 Sustainability Report showcases a number of good-news, green-first initiatives being employed across its portfolio of companies that minimize environmental impact while empowering and contributing in a positive way to the communities in which its businesses thrive.

Some of these initiatives are ones we at The Lazy Gourmet have already been championing in thought, word and deed, such as: incorporating plant-based alternatives in dishes to help reduce the carbon footprint of farms and encouraging a healthier approach to meal choices; making a firm commitment to slash food waste and eliminate single-use plastics; and donating meals to local shelters and charitable organizations to improve the health of the community at large.

“Sustainability has been a central focus of our culinary and corporate philosophy since day one, and we make a concerted effort to reduce food waste and support local farmers, foragers and fishers wherever possible,” says our General Manager Kevin Mazzone. “We’re proud to see those values reflected in the global commitment that Compass Group has made to promote sustainability initiatives and minimize the environmental footprint of companies that are part of the Compass family.”

From the back of house through to the front, our team at The Lazy Gourmet is ever mindful of the environment and our impact on it. To that end, we commit to reduce, reuse and recycle and limit our carbon and ecological footprint by participating in programs like the Green Table Network and the Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

As a certified Ocean Wise partner, we choose our seafood options based on sustainability recommendations provided by the Vancouver Aquarium that are based on best practices to limit damage to our ocean habitats. Seafood that is Ocean Wise approved bears a symbol that signifies that it was caught using methods that limit accidental catches of other species and specifically endangered ocean life. We are also a part of the Wild Salmon Supporters Network, and collaborate with other local supporters to promote this important cause.

As an approved member of the Green Table Network, we use 100-per-cent disposable cutlery, dishware, napkins and take-out boxes; implement full container and paper recycling programs; retrofit incandescent lighting in our headquarters to more energy efficient technologies; adopt sustainable purchasing policies; and more.

We also seek out local food producers and small businesses that share our values and collaborate with food recovery partners to ensure surplus food reaches those who need it the most and supports the community at large.

To that end, we donate healthy, nourishing meals to shelters and community organizations such as Covenant House Vancouver (CHV) — a not-for-profit outreach organization that provides vital support services for local youth experiencing homelessness. Last year, we helped CHV serve close to 100,000 meals for at-risk local youth, and have been a supporter of their programs for more than a decade.

Last year alone, Compass Group companies donated more than 1.1 million meals to local communities and people in need across its markets in North America.

“As a member of Compass Group Canada, we are proud to be making an impact on sustainability on a national and global scale,” says Mazzone. “We recognize the importance of collective action in achieving net-zero objectives and reducing food waste and are committed to supporting programs that will create lasting, positive change in the food systems and promote well-being for people and planet alike.

To read more on our focus on sustainability at The Lazy Gourmet, click here.

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